Pleating machines & respirators

Karl Rabofsky GmbH is a mechanical engineering company that manufactures pleating machines and high-quality respirators.


Protective masks to combat the outbreak Covid 19 pandemic

Pleating Machines

Pleating machines for the industrial production of airbags, air filters, pharmaceutical filters and many other applications.

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Worldwide service for pleating machines and peripherals

About us

Pleating machines from the leading manufacturer

Karl Rabofsky GmbH is a mechanical engineering company and was founded in Berlin in 1896. The focus of our activities is the development and construction of folding machines as well as the construction of special machines for special tasks of our customers.

We have been able to set our focus on the medical as well as the automotive industry by designing machines for the production of air filters or car airbags. Our engineers have a solution for everything!


Breathe safely with FFP2 respirators

Because of the Covid 19 pandemic, we have independently created a production chain “made in Germany” was established to produce high-quality masks in Germany and to fight the spread of the pandemic. It was important to us to actively do something against the dangerous coronavirus and to provide people with masks of the highest quality and excellent safety standards.

If you are in need of high quality masks with filtration efficiency of 97-99%, please feel free to contact us or contact us directly through our Onlineshop order masks.

Respirators save lives!

Only when the high quality of our FFP2 respirators is proven beyond doubt do we pass them on to our customers. Because only with really good quality masks you are sufficiently protected against the virus.

To be able to prove the safety standard around the clock, we use a test station that constantly monitors the quality of our masks. Our test station always runs during production and can clearly prove the quality of each batch of our masks.

We also keep samples of the batch for up to two years after the production date of our protective masks in case there are any queries.