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Pleating machines from the leading manufacturer
Rabofsky is a trendsetter and market leader for innovative fully electronic folding systems. Our strength lies in taking up new tasks from our customers and transforming them into high-quality groundbreaking solutions. For years, Rabofsky has been the only supplier in the world to offer a knife pleating machine with a speed of more than 300 pleats per minute. Furthermore, Rabofsky is the only company in the world to offer a knife pleating machine with a working width of 3,200 mm (approx. 126 inches) as standard.
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Folding machines and production lines "made in Germany" with worldwide service


For folding multilayer material with high flexibility and speed


For folding multilayer material with firmly defined fold pattern


For processing single-layer material with extremely high folding speed

worldwide support

Worldwide installation and maintenance of our pleating systems


high-precision processing with maximum FLEXIBILITY

Our Pleatmaster is designed for a wide range of applications. It shines with excellent pleat height consistency over a wide temperature range. The available working width ranges from 600 mm to 3,200 mm.

Its electronically adjustable pleat height range is from 5 to 104 mm (standard) or 5 to 153 mm (optional). With the aid of so-called folding programs, different sequences of folds, such as "W" and "M" folds, as well as more complex patterns if required, can be specified by the user. By loading alternative folding programs, the machine automatically retools itself so that the respective folding sequence can be produced.

A large touch panel with a Windows 10 interface is available for easy operation of the Pleatmaster. The user interface is designed to be intuitive and self-explanatory.


inexpensive to buy, worth its weight in gold in production.

The Pleatworker gives you consistently high quality pleating, at a low initial cost.

The available working width ranges from 600 mm to 1300 mm.

Likewise, the Pleatworker offers you a mechanically adjustable pleat height from 5 mm to 100 mm.

Furthermore, you can use the programmable pleat and package counters to achieve an accurate production count.

The Pleatworker can be operated via a touch operator terminal with Windows CE.


further advantages

you can book additional options for each machine.

  • Customized unwinding unit
  • You can book the Heavy-Duty-Package-1 (HD1) if you process abrasive materials or light wire cloths
  • The Heavy Duty Package-2 (HD2) is suitable for applications with heavy wire cloth
  • If required, we offer the HS high speed package for the Pleatmaster, which gives you a folding speed of 185 folds per minute
  • You can also book many other extras for the Pleatmaster, such as single piece processing, rapid discharge, integrated pre- and postheating, external cooling unit, pleat height monitoring, camera monitoring of pleat formation and much more.