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Karl Rabofsky GmbH is a mechanical engineering company that manufactures folding machines and, more recently, high-quality breathing masks.

Breathing masks

CPA breathing masks to combat the outbreak of the Covid 19 pandemic

Pleating machines

Folding machines for industrial production of airbags, air filters, pharmaceutical filters and many other applications

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Fully automatic cross cutter

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About us

Folding machines from the leading manufacturer

The Karl Rabofsky GmbH is a mechanical engineering company founded in 1896 in Berlin. The focus of our activities is the development and construction of folding lines as well as the construction of special machines for special tasks of our customers.

Rabofsky Faltmaschine

rabofsky against covid-19

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have independently set up a production chain "made in Germany" in order to produce high-quality respiratory masks in Germany and combat the spread of the pandemic.

Wenn bei Ihnen Bedarf an hochwertigen Atemschutzmasken mit einer Filtrationseffizenz von über 99% besteht, können Sie uns gerne kontaktieren oder direkt über unseren Onlineshop einkaufen.

safety saves lives

Nur wenn die hohe Qualität unserer Atemschutzmasken zweifelsfrei nachgewiesen ist, geben wir diese an unsere Kunden weiter.

We therefore use a test station that constantly monitors the quality of our respirators.

Karl Rabofsky GmbH

Karl Rabofsky GmbH | pleating machines & breathing masks

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